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oriori - 'Structured Fabric', a new application of traditional Japanese craftmanship from Kiryu

'Ori' is one of the the long established Japanese traditional fabric that is commonly used for 'obi' the japanese Kimono belt. By talking to craftsman and observing the technique, we rediscovered the uniquenesses of this 'ori' that are tactile delight, thickness control of the fabric and strength which can actually create structure. 'Ori' also means 'Folding' in Japanese as you may recognise this in 'Origami', the japanese folding paper craft. So, our 'oriori' means foldable japanese traditional fabric. It is so unique that we don't need complicated manufacturing process like add this and add that. It is simply waving as one go.

長年磨き上げられてきた、日本の伝統的な「織り」の技術には、しっかりとした生地の肌触り、厚みを自在にコントールできる、構造体をつくれるほどの強さ、といった特色があり、それらのユニークな強みを活かした「oriori – Structured Fabric」という新しい生地を提案します。第二次加工の必要のない、つまり一度で織り上げられる生地であるにも関わらず、様々なパターンが折り重なり、パタパタと表情をかえる非常に魅力のある生地だと思っています。。

oriori tote & oriori pad
Our first products using this fabric are 'oriori tote' and 'oriori pad'. We sincerely hope that you would find interesting to see and touch this unique fabric that changes its shape and impression constantly in use.
同生地の十分に魅力的に伝える事を目指した第一回目の商品として、今回は「oriori tote」と「oriori pat」を 提案します。日常生活の中で、その表情を楽しんで頂ければ幸いです、

Ambiente 2014 7th - 11th February

Hall : 11.0
Booth No : c-30

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Takuya Hotta (Director)
email: hotta@cg-japan.net
phone: +81 (0)90 1804 4126
address: 3-15-6 3F Minato, Nishi-Shinbashi, Tokyo, Japan
postcode: 105-0003

manifacturer manifacturer

Yoshio Sato / CEO Yoshio Sakei

Kiryu is famous as a city of weaving with over 1000 years of history. We have been focusing on creating new value while maintaining our traditinal value. We are commited to create products that satisfiesforeign consumers interest and also to export Japanese culture to a global market.

Atsushi Tomita / Tomita Somekougei

We value Kimono's history and our traditional technique and we offer fashion items that meets comtemporary need. We would like to show our stoty and also the qulity which can only be made with our own skilled hands.

佐啓産業 代表取締役 / 佐藤好雄



富田染工芸 代表取締役 / 富田篤





Takuma Kawamoto

Born in Boston, MA in 1987. Graduating from department of deign at Tokyo University of the Arts in April 2014.


web: www.takumakawamoto.com
contact: info@takumakawamoto.com

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